Missouri Adoption Subsidy


Missouri Adoption Subsidy currently provides ongoing maintenance at the level of the child’s foster care rate, minus the professional parenting and a small percentage (as a result of a legislative increase to foster parent rates that didn’t apply to subsidy rates). The only exception to this is that career (level B) is not transferred into adoption subsidy.

Adoption subsidy continues the coverage for the child’s Medicaid until their 18th birthday month.  Any coverage beyond the 18th birthday month has to be negotiated as an addendum to the contract prior to the child turning 18.

Child care for working parents is approved through the child’s 13th birthday month.  And Respite Care can be negotiated into subsidy if it is necessary for the benefit of the child. Other services for children can be negotiated based on their documented special needs. MFCAA can help with negotiating adoption subsidy, particularly if the child has substantial special needs.  You can call 816-350-0215, for further information, or visit the NACAC website at www.nacac.org and click on their state profiles for a full description of Missouri’s adoption subsidy program.