Membership is free. Our services are provided free of charge to our qualifying members. To become a qualified member; you need to be a foster-adoptive parent, or an active foster, kinship or relative licensed provider. You must have foster/adoptive children currently in your care (18 years of age or younger).

All St. Charles Chapter members will become members of our parent organization the Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association.

FAST family adult caregivers are required to complete our membership application annually.

Normally it is preferred that you complete your application online by clicking the link below. Unfortunately, technical issues are keeping the link from working. It appears to work, but the application will not make its way to us. Therefore, at this time, if you would like to complete a membership application, please email Chris Grissom at

Membership Application

Membership applications will be available at our pantry location as an alternative way to submit your new or renewal application:  

  • 1806 Boone’s Lick Road Unit B, St. Charles, MO 63301

Prior to approval of new and renewed applications. FAST now requires a family photo. The photo must include all family members (adults and kids) who are eligible for FAST benefits. FAST does not require a formal photo--a group selfie from a cell phone is sufficient. The photos are used for internal purposes only, namely identification and safety. Please text your family picture to 314/428-7333 and include your family name. You may also send it via email to  Membership will be finalized after the receipt of the photo.



Contact for questions about the application process: