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1806 Boone’s Lick Road Unit B
St. Charles, MO 63301


Phone: 314.496.8479 text or leave a message (Vicki Houska)



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Thank you to our donors
  • Thank you to Harvester Christian Church - "Wrap a Bottom"


  • Thank you to Alicia for your donation. I purchased an entire truck full of Halloween costumes at Walmart for $13; but to top it all off as I was telling Alicia,the cashier, that the costumes would go to the kiddos at FAST next year, she pulled out her wallet and insisted on donating $10 to the pantry. Alicia, we have never met before, but you believe in and exhibit the good in the world! I had to tell your manager how awesome you are!
    ❤ Random Acts Of Kindness
  • Thank you Kienstra Concrete for your donation at Christmas.
  • Thank you Community Council for your food drive donation.

FAST Donations

  • Thank you to everyone that participated in the food drive.