About Us

We care about kids. 

FAST was established in 2009 as a nonprofit 501c3 organization to support foster and adoptive families caring for children in the state’s care. 

FAST has no paid staff. 100% of contributions are utilized to support FAST’s mission, events and the FAST pantry. All involved share their talents and volunteer their time. Most of the FAST board members are foster/adoptive parents so they can share their experiences and knowledge and provide direction and moral support.

FAST is a St. Charles County chapter of the MFCAA ‘Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association.

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our golf tournament sponsors--Goodfellas, Schneider Real Estate and others!


Making a Difference

Click on the picture to see how FAST is making a difference in the community.

Thank you Trivia Night Committee and the City of St. Charles.

The trivia night committee made a donation to our annual milk fund. The City of St. Charles awarded FAST with a grant again this year

Thank you: Lindenwood University for their student fall collection
Thank you: The Community Council for their food drive donation
Thank you: St. Cletus Church for their continued support

Pantry Events

- No Hunger Holiday sign-ups for Thanksgiving will be held at the pantry near the end of October

- Halloween costume giveaway is Oct. 24

- Christmas Toys for Tots is Dec. 19